Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10 Fireplaces From Rate My Space

Reaching New Heights
To solve the problem of what to do in a living room with a two-story ceiling, RMS user Liv By Design Interiors created a fireplace setting that not only fills the space, but makes it even more beautiful.

Modern Lines
Snuggling just became incredibly chic. A fireplace in the bedroom always takes "cozy" to a whole new level, but with clean lines, ample space and panoramic views, RMS user TK does it in the most sleek and modern way.

Fireside Dining
With European charm in mind, this fireplace design completes the look of RMS user Tetbury's breakfast room. The fireplace not only adds a focal point to the room, but it also contributes to a warmer look and feel.

Sleek Stonework
RMS user Perri takes a fresh approach with this hearth and fireplace in two shades of stone. Ethnic accessories line the mantel to tie the whole look together.

Traditional Done Right
With perfectly proportionate artwork above the mantel and matching armchairs circling the coffee table, the fireplace becomes a natural focal point for the room.

Symmetrical Setting
By pairing everything in the room, from the curtains and loveseats to the chairs and pillows, RMS user moredesign made it seem effortless to create a fireplace focal point.

Big Dogs Don't Bite
Flanking this oversize fireplace are two greyhounds. "We've wanted to use these stone greyhounds on a fireplace for years," RMS users Peggy and Dale said. "We finally had the guts to do it." And we love it.

The Perfect Porch
When it comes to screened-in porches, RMS user MAG66 knows how to do it. With comfy seating, a working fireplace and a flat-screen TV mounted above, this is sure to be the most popular place in the house.

Outdoor Ambiance
Under an oversized archway, this freestanding gas fireplace in Houston makes RMS user cgabor's patio feel just like a living room — one with tons of fresh air.

Really White
This fireplace by RMS user Casavecchia is so subtle it's positively chic. Amid the dark furniture and accessories of this 1920s Spanish bungalow, the white-on-white mantel and hearth work perfectly.


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