Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bedroom decor tricks.

Pile on the Pillows
Pile on the pillows, and don’t shy away from mixing patterns. Combine large prints with small ones, florals with geometrics.

DIY Artwork
Hanging a graphic quilt is an easy solution to the “big blank wall” issue. Complementary bed linens pull the decor together. 


Work the Walls
Nightstands and adjustable lamps affixed to walls smartly save space in a small room.

Reveal a Personal Side
Your bedroom should express your personality (not just design principles), so feel free to go a little off-center, as with the art here.

Turn Photos Into Art
Make your most personal space even more so with artwork of those you love.

Keep Scale in Mind
Gauge the size of your bedside lamp by the scale of your bed: A four-poster would call for a big fixture; for a low bed, choose something smaller.

Add Warmth With Neutrals
That idea works just as well with neutrals. Here, soft lighting overhead and a clip-on task lamp add to the sense of warm comfort.

Mix It Up
Don’t be afraid to pair up unlike pieces, as with these bed tables. A short stack of books serves to even up the lamps.

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