Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Outdoors Design.

Stepping stones through grass and rose arbor leads to hideaway with a bench surrounded by trees and blooming plants.

The telescoping pocket door that disappears into the wall provides seamless transition from indoor to outdoor. When entertaining bring out some indoor furniture and plants, even some lamps, to give it a cozy feel.

This beautiful and colorful patio is full of life. The rich and bold colors of plum, red and oranges add warmth and intimate scale while punches of pink flowers and purple leaves pop against the warm beige and neutral palette.

Wood framed clerestory cut-out adds interest to a wall constructed to provide privacy. Wood details in the banquette bring warmth to the stucco and are topped with seat cushions, made of durable outdoor fabric. 

A pergola constructed of renewable redwood lumber provides the perfect oasis for this backyard. The space also features a freestanding outdoor shower, gas firepit and fountain.

Nothing anchors an outdoor living room better than a free-standing custom stone fireplace. Faux stone arches, deep seating furnishings and tiled accents complete the romantic setting.

Focus on your focal points. Add additional color to your focal points to make them pop! Knockout roses help draw attention to this fountain.

This stunning garden has a spa, fireplace and formal, raised dining patio. A custom wooden pergola, gates and arbors enclose the dining area.

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