Monday, February 25, 2013

Mangas Spaces by Patricia Urquiola

Flexible Cosiness

Patricia Urquiola designed Mangas rugs for Gandia Blasco , a series of rugs that can be put together to create the desired result. Now GAN is launching a new concept called GAN SPACES, for which Urquiola created Mangas Spaces. While the Mangas collection consisted of only rugs, Mangas Space is a collection of rugs and modules that can be combined to arrange a cohesive seating space. The rugs are the basis, but now there is the option to add cushions and pouffes which may result in a whole lounge area depending on how much room you have.The collection has the same texture and comfort as the rug collection , the same patchwork of wool knits was used but the difference lies in the colour scheme. The sweet pastel colours are a hit for the spring season, and work nicely in this collection.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Haiku: Typographic Experiments by Eli Kleppe

“Haiku” is a project that explores methods and technologies of printing.

The experimental pieces, created by Norwegian graphic designer, have the ultimate goal to eliminate all ink and produce subtle, but legible typography.

“Combining lasercut technology with letterpress and embossing machines, I experimented with printing white on white and levels of pressure on the printing presses.”

- Eli Kleppe