Monday, February 25, 2013

Mangas Spaces by Patricia Urquiola

Flexible Cosiness

Patricia Urquiola designed Mangas rugs for Gandia Blasco , a series of rugs that can be put together to create the desired result. Now GAN is launching a new concept called GAN SPACES, for which Urquiola created Mangas Spaces. While the Mangas collection consisted of only rugs, Mangas Space is a collection of rugs and modules that can be combined to arrange a cohesive seating space. The rugs are the basis, but now there is the option to add cushions and pouffes which may result in a whole lounge area depending on how much room you have.The collection has the same texture and comfort as the rug collection , the same patchwork of wool knits was used but the difference lies in the colour scheme. The sweet pastel colours are a hit for the spring season, and work nicely in this collection.

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